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About Thetta

Thetta is a comprehensive, multi-tiered game security system.
It uses analytics-based tools and proactive mechanisms to prevent the use of cheat programs. The system can analyze the activity of malicious programs on users computers.
Thetta allows you to flexibly configure how it will react to detected cheats and quickly and easily add them to a list of restricted programs. It can also activate and deactivate various kinds of programs."
Thetta uses various methods to protect game files, memory, and online traffic against mods and prevent new code from being implemented in the game.


No need to modify game code
Can be used with any virtualizer
Protects against threats on the core level
Proactively detects cheats for specific games
Detects system mods
Encrypts online traffic
Quickly scans memory and provides detailed statistics
Uses hackers own tools against them


We show you what Thetta can do and discuss your terms
We install Thetta in your project
You check to make sure no cheats can be used
We launch the anti-cheat system for your audience
We monitor suspicious activity, update the list of restricted programs, add new functionality if the cheaters find a workaround, consult with you, and answer all your questions


Want to install Thetta or learn more about it? Email or fill out the form: