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Make your player be fair

Thetta is a unique multi-level security system for those who care about their audience.
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Why Thetta?

Your reputation depends on fair play. We don't know how to root out cheaters, but we know how to protect you from them.

Thetta is a smart shell that protects your game or tournament from interference. You decide the fate of cheaters, we implement.

We can be useful to

Tournament hosts

One of the uniqueness of Thetta is its flexibility. Thetta can be integrated into both the tournament platform and servers. Don't lose your audience on other services!

Protected clients
Game developers

With Thetta, you will improve the gaming experience of your users. Do not lose your indicators because of cheaters. Let the game be fair!

Protected games
Black Desert (Russian) 2015-2018
A revolutionary MMORPG with amazing graphics, a massive, seamless world, and total player freedom.
Blood and Soul
Combat Arms
Aika 2

What can Thetta do for my game?

We spent years using third-party security systems that did not give us the results we wanted in our battle against the cheaters. So we developed our own effective solution that let us not just solve our cheating problem, but also see organic growth in our games key indicators during the first year.
Reduce player drop-off and increase session time
+10-15% Retention
Get more payments because there are no other ways to get valuable items
+15-20% ARPU/ARPPU
Earn your players trust, which will lead to an influx of new users
+8-10% New users

Our accomplishments

We spent over seven years developing our anti-cheat system, and we use it on our own projects. Thetta has been implemented in 46 GameNet-published games and is currently being used by 3,000,000 players. Over 30,000,000 players from all over the world have interacted with our system since it launched.
529 123
Cheaters blocked by Thetta: 529,123 (70,792 of them automatically)
9 537
Malware programs detected and blocked
491 785
Suspicious activities/modules detected
2 264 421
Programs detected and marked as potentially dangerous
9 654
Computers blocked by Hardware ID

Core team

Maxim Zalilov
Mila Kravchenko
Product Manager
Renee Koval
Representative Thetta Asia
Ilya Tkachenko
Chief Technical Officer
Alexey Sclyar
Sr. Software Engineer (Go)
Mikhail Lyubushkin
Sr. Software Engineer (C++,Qt)


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